Locals reveal the things tourists should never do in their countries

‘Don’t touch ANYTHING in Australia – because everything wants to kill you’: Locals reveal the things tourists should never do when visiting their countries

  • One local pleaded with visitors to Hawaii to not wear a lei of plastic flowers
  • A Briton said tourists in the UK should never start a debate on how to make tea
  • A Singaporean warned visitors they must take off their shoes inside a house 

Don’t touch anything in Australia – because ‘everything wants to kill you’.

That’s the advice of one contributor to an internet thread dedicated to the dos and don’ts for tourists around the world, ahead of lockdown ending.

A few others on the discussion agree that a sprinkling of paranoia is necessary in Australia. ‘Don’t go near the crocodile, don’t touch the snake, and don’t try to eat the redback spider,’ is the advice from another contributor.

Locals on Reddit have been revealing what tourists should never do when visiting their countries. One user warned visitors to Australia – don’t touch anything

The thread, on Reddit, was kick-started recently by user u/Skinnysaif with the question ‘what should tourists never do in your country?’

Users Rumplestiltskin1254 and grandpa2390, who posed the aforementioned warnings about Australia, were joined by dozens and dozens of others in a determined bid to steer visitors away from potential hazards and faux pas.

Many were from the USA and had very specific instructions for what not to do when visiting the country – especially its wilderness.

For example, Uneaqualty65 said: ‘Here in the U.S in south Utah, there are many amazing rock sculptures. Don’t. Write. On. Them.

‘They are rare structures formed by thousands of years of erosion, not something to carve your name into.’

While hhr577ggvvfryy66rd warned: ‘Yellowstone is not a f***ing amusement park. The wild animals are extremely dangerous and will kill you in an instant.

‘Do not step into the hot springs they will melt your flesh completely off your bones and you will die an agonizing death.’

And ashleylife added: ‘Don’t fall into the Grand Canyon. And for the love of all that’s sacred quit taking those dangerous photos to win followers and likes on social media. Dumb beyond belief isn’t a good look.’

One Redditor implored tourists not to fall into the Grand Canyon 

When it came to American cities, WatchTheBoom implored those visiting Washington D.C to ‘Not. Leave. Trash. At. The. Monuments’ and to also ‘get out of the f***ing water – it’s not a pool’.

While MaizeNBlueWaffle advised that ‘Times Square does not represent the whole of New York’.

They added: ‘Spend 15-20 minutes there looking at all the signs and lights then get away because it’s a s***hole. My advice would be to explore lower Manhattan.’

For tourists in Hawaii, HarleyWeaver said ‘never wear a lei of plastic flowers’ while hikermick added: ‘Don’t underestimate the size of the U.S.’ 

He continued: ‘Having lunch at Niagara Falls then checking out the sunset at The Grand Canyon before settling in for the night at your hotel in Washington DC is not a reasonable expectation.’

An American Redditor warned tourists about the sheer size of the US, explaining that it’s not reasonable to visit Niagara Falls for lunch and then go to the Grand Canyon for the sunset

Britons also chipped into the lively discussion, with scseven telling tourists to the UK: ‘Do not say “you live in the UK? OMG I love London!” The entire UK population does not live in one city.’

While pancakelady2108 warned that it’s never advisable to ‘start a debate regarding the best brand of teabag, or the intricacies of how to make the best cup of tea unless you’d like to start a rumble’.

Elsewhere in Europe, Dutch Reddit user languagepotato said: ‘Please don’t walk in the bike lanes, with kind regards, everyone in the Netherlands.’

While collegiaal25 said you should never ask someone from Holland: ‘Oh you are from the Netherlands! Are you from Amsterdam? Do you smoke weed all the time?’

Dutch Reddit user languagepotato said: ‘Please don’t walk in the bike lanes, with kind regards, everyone in the Netherlands’

German MomoLittle said: ‘Any tourist who brings up the courage to ask us for directions or anything else in one of the hardest European languages just makes our day!’

And TrevStull offered a stern warning for those wanting to visit concentration camps.

He said: ‘Concentration camps are not a place for you get your stupid selfies for your influencer profile. Those tracks you’re standing on transported many to their death.

‘It’s okay to take pictures for memories that you came here. But those people who come here to take sexy selfies have no place being here.’

For tourists in South Africa, the10starpotato revealed something those on safari should never do.

One Reddit user implored tourists in South Africa to always stay in their vehicle while on safari 

They explained: ‘You must never ever get out of your vehicle or get close to any big animals because that is how there are stories of people dying due to animals here. Just please stay safe and obey the rules to save lives.’

And Unlucky_Promotion2000 revealed a potential social faux pas people visiting Singapore could commit.

They said: ‘Don’t wear shoes into our houses thank you. I will gladly kick you out if you do.’

Meanwhile, thermob******s offered the simple advice: ‘Do not visit a country and talk about how yours is better.’

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