Kris Jenner Tweets That Kim Kardashian Is Her Favorite — Khloe & Kylie React

"obviously hacked."

Kris Jenner has expressed her supreme love for daughter Kim Kardashian on Twitter.

On Tuesday afternoon, two tweets were sent from “The Kardashians” star’s Twitter account in which @KrisJenner gushed over Kim.

“I love my daughter Kim the most! She’s just the cutest and sweetest!” read the first post, while the second tweet read, “Kim is just so smart! Everything I know so learned from her!!!!!”

Kris’ daughters, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, had something to say about the two tweets.

“You spelled Khloé wrong,” Khloe, 37, tweeted, while Kylie, 24, wrote that Kris was “obviously hacked.”

Kim, meanwhile, also weighed in, and her reaction — in addition to the tweets themselves — made many on Twitter believe she may have possibly posted from her mom’s Twitter account.

“Oh mom stop! I’m blushing,” the SKIMS founder, 41, wrote in one tweet.

“You are just so nice today mom!” she added in another. “I didn’t even know you had twitter but what a nice surprise to see how you feel about me.”

Meanwhile, many fans on Twitter believed Kim hacked Kris’ account.

“give the phone back kimberly,” a user wrote.

“I knew it was Kim right away !” another said. “Kris would never say that she loves all of her daughters and her son too.”

Another tweeted, “Kim, get out of your mom’s account! LOL love u.”

Kris’ other children — Kendall Jenner, 26, Kourtney Kardashian, 43, and Rob Kardashian, 35, — haven’t yet shared their thoughts on the tweets. It’s also worth noting that Kris’ tweets are still currently up on her account.

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