Kate Garraway health: ‘I couldn’t look at the lights’ – GMB star reveals shock symptoms

Kate Garraway, 53, returns to our TV screens this week, after an extended period away from Good Morning Britain (GMB). The presenter has previously revealed that she had a major health scare at the end of 2019.

Kate has featured on GMB since its introduction, in 2014.

The morning TV show replaced Daybreak, with Kate continuing presenting duties for the new ITV programme.

But, the presenter was forced into taking a break from broadcasting earlier this year, after her husband, Derek, was admitted to hospital with coronavirus.

This week, she returns to GMB as fellow stars Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid prepare to take their summer break.

Last year, Kate explained that she was rushed to hospital after a meningitis scare.

She arrived at work, and had an unusually high fever.

The TV presenter was advised to go to hospital, where the doctors suspected she may have meningitis.

Thankfully, it was later revealed that she didn’t have the infection, and she was subsequently treated for her symptoms.

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“I came in Friday before last and I couldn’t look at the lights, and I had a temperature over 40,” she told Susanna and Ben Shepherd on GMB, in October last year.

“I said, ‘I’ll be fine’, but the director said, ‘Even you can’t make this funny, Kate. There is no way you can do the show. We can’t turn the lights off’.

“They were thinking meningitis. Fortunately it wasn’t, and they sorted me out and I was fine.

“Can I just say The Wittington Hospital… Can I tell you how brilliant they were? They saw me straight away and got me on a drip.”


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Meningitis is caused by an infection of the protective membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

It’s a very serious condition that can lead to life-threatening blood poisoning.

The most common symptoms of meningitis develop very suddenly.

A high temperature, headache, and a dislike of bright lights are signs of the infection.


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Other meningitis symptoms include vomiting, a rash, and an unusually stiff neck.

You should get medical help as soon as possible if you think you may have meningitis.

Call 999 for an ambulance, or to go A&E straight away if you develop symptoms.

If you’re unsure whether you may be at risk of the condition, call NHS 111 for advice on whether to go to hospital, or not.

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