Kate Beckinsale subtly praises Pete Davidson amid Kim Kardashian dating rumors

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A “like” is worth a thousand words.

Kate Beckinsale has given the public a subtle hint as to why she — and several of Hollywood’s most beautiful women — became smitten by her ex, Pete Davidson.

The “Pearl Harbor” star, 48, liked a repost of a tweet this week that said, “I love how every time Pete Davidson starts dating another beautiful celebrity everyone’s like ‘wtf is happening how did he do this what is this mystery???’ and everybody refuses to entertain the possibility that he might have a nice personality.”

The original tweet went viral on Monday after a photo of Davidson, 27, holding hands with Kim Kardashian at a California theme park over the weekend sparked dating rumors.

The pair have since gone out to dinner in New York twice this week and we were exclusively told they were “genuinely affectionate” with each other.

People on social media have been reeling over how Davidson has been able to charm A-list beauties like Kardashian, 41, Beckinsale, supermodel Kaia Gerber and, his most recent ex, breakout “Bridgerton” star Phoebe Dynevor.

For Beckinsale, Davidson was reportedly able to sweep the “Underworld” star, who is 20 years his senior, off her feet at a Golden Globes party in January 2020.

An eyewitness exclusively told us at the time, “Kate had her hand on his knee, and she kept laughing at all his jokes.”

However, the pair broke up in April 2019 with a source noting that Beckinsale “struggled with the attention on her relationship with Pete,” adding, “he lives his life with his heart on his sleeve.”

It seems Davidson’s jokes are now also landing with Kardashian. A source told us Thursday he had the “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” star “smiling and laughing a lot” during their dinner at Zero Bond Wednesday night.

But aside from Davidson’s sense of humor, former “Real Housewife” Bethenny Frankel believes she knows why the “Saturday Night Live” star swoons the ladies.

She doubled down on her old theory Thursday, tweeting, “Years later, I still maintain that Pete Davidson shoots diamonds out of his penis.”

There may be some partial truth to Frankel’s joke.

Davidson’s ex-fiancée, Ariana Grande, has bragged about the size of the comic’s member on social media and her music video for “Thank U, Next.”

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