Kanye Must Pay Kim Kardashian $200,000 A Month In Child Support

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have finally agreed on the terms of their divorce – and the rapper is going to be paying his ex-wife a small fortune in child support every month.

Court documents reveal that Ye has agreed to pay $200,000 in monthly child support Kanye and Kim will split joint physical and legal custody of their four kids and will also divide the cost of their children’s education, security, and medical bills moving forward.

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The former couple also agreed to divide their remaining assets (including property) according to the terms of their divorce. Neither Kim nor Kanye will pay spousal support.

The exes were supposed to go to trial in December over their divorce but will avoid this now that they’ve reached an agreement. However, only days earlier, reports claimed that Kanye was in jeopardy of losing custody.

The Yeezy founder missed a scheduled deposition in November and was given one final chance to appear for questioning by Kim’s lawyers. A failure to appear could’ve strongly hurt Kanye’s bid for custody.

Ultimately, Kanye and Kim will split custody like she originally requested in her 2021 divorce filing.

However, there’s been some surprise about the six-figure child support payment Kanye must make each month moving forward, especially in light of his recent financial troubles.

Various brands and companies have cut ties with the rapper given his recent behavior, which has included anti-Black and antisemitic comments. He even lost his long-standing partnership with Adidas, who says they’ll continue to sell Yeezy products but without Ye’s involvement.

After Adidas ended their professional relationship, Forbes reported that Kanye had lost his billionaire status. He went from being worth approximately $1.5 billion to $400 million. For her part, Kim’s net worth is estimate to be near $1 billion.

Kanye is also involved a variety of ongoing legal issues, including a $250 million lawsuit filed by George Floyd’s family after Ye made untrue comments about his death. The rapper is even being sued by his former manager after terminating their business relationship early.

He’s also made several undisclosed payments to former employees amid reports of tox and discriminatory workplace behavior.

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