Jake Paul tells all over infamous 'Project X' house party with Chris Brown and Noah Cyrus and boxing fight in garden

JAKE PAUL has opened up about one of his infamous parties filled with 'dozens of celebs' and a boxing fight in the garden.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer is well-known for his hectic lifestyle, and his hosting duties follow suit.

Back in 2019 the 24-year-old held a party that he described as like 'Project X'.

That was a 2012 film that told the story of three high-school geeks who held the party of parties.

And Paul's looks like it followed the same style.

Speaking exclusively to SunSport, the Ohio personality said: "So I actually threw a party, I believe it was in 2019 at my house.

"And it was the craziest party that I think anyone that was there had ever been to so many people left that party being like, 'That was the real-life Project X.'

"There was motorcycles doing backflips in the front yard. It was like a club on the inside. We actually had a boxing match. In the middle of the party.

"And yeah, there was just like, dozens and dozens and dozens of celebs there from Chris Brown to Noah Cyrus I got I don't even know how many celebs are there, but it was crazy.

"And I think everyone will remember that that party for a while."


The police received numerous complaints about the bash held in Los Angeles. Older brother Logan described it as 'the best LA has ever seen'.

Jake has revealed that he fancies having a go at NFL before hitting the red carpet of Hollywood after he finishes his boxing career.

The YouTuber is preparing for his third pro fight when he takes on former UFC star Ben Askren in April.

But Paul, 24, is already planning out his career after he has hung the gloves up.

And not surprisingly after becoming a social media sensation, the Ohio personality fancies trying his hand at acting.

But not one for shying away, Paul also wants to try out the heavy-hitting sport of NFL while he's in his youth.

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