Jacquie Beltrao wears cold cap in video as she undergoes more chemo

Sky News sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao calls herself a ‘chemo warrior’ as she dons a cold cap to protect her hair during her latest treatment in new breast cancer battle

  • Former Olympic gymnast Jacquie Beltrao reveals her breast cancer has returned
  • She found ‘tiny lump’ during lockdown and doctors diagnosed grade 3 cancer
  • She has already had two rounds of chemotherapy and now has another 14 to go, 
  • Mother-of-three Mrs Beltrao was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013

Sky News sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao, who revealed last week that her breast cancer has returned, has shared new videos documenting her latest chemotherapy sessions and described herself as a ‘chemo warrior’.

The 55-year-old former Olympic gymnast told fans on Saturday that her cancer had come back in a ‘much nastier’ form nearly seven years on from her first diagnosis, after she found a ‘tiny lump’ during lockdown.

In a video posted to her Instagram account yesterday, Jacquie is seen wearing a cold cap to protect her hair from chemotherapy. The brave television star even joked that the blue cap made her look like a character out of Hollywood movie franchise X-Men.

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Sky presenter Jacquie Beltrao has shared videos of her latest chemotherapy sessions including wearing a cold cap to protect the hair from the treatment

Posing in the cold cap, Jacquie posted the images to her Instagram stories, telling followers ‘Unattractive as the look is it does get you head down to -5 and protects the hair from the chem’

On Twitter, the former Olympic gymnast posted updates to her 72,000 followers, writing: ‘So have just come to my senses (was a bit dopey earlier) I’m fine good to go again’

Alongside the video, which sees Jacquie covering her long blonde hair with the equipment ahead of another chemotherapy session, she wrote: ‘How to put on the cold cap – unattractive as the look is it does get you head down to -5 and protects the hair from the chem.’ 

Describing her latest battle with the disease, she used a film analogy, saying: ‘(sequels are never as good) (except Toy Story 2) (I’m still on drugs this may have come out in Dutch who knows �� THANKS for all messages of support the nurses loved them too.’ 

Mother-of-three Beltrao, who has already had several rounds of chemotherapy, admitted the last four weeks had been a ‘living nightmare’ since her new grade-three diagnosis.

It comes seven years after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 for which she went through five gruelling cycles of chemotherapy in four months.

Speaking in a video posted to Twitter four days ago, Mrs Beltrao said: ‘So, during lockdown I took my own advice, did a check, found a tiny, tiny, little lump just here.

‘Had it checked out and a biopsy straight away and it turns out it’s grade three breast cancer, much nastier than the first one I had.

‘I’m sharing this because it felt weird to be going back to work on Sky and being on social media and acting like everything was shiny, perfect and fun when it wasn’t.’

Former Olympic gymnast Jacquie Beltrao said in a Twitter video today that she found a ‘tiny lump’ during lockdown and went straight to doctors who found it was a grade-three cancer

Sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao is pictured during a broadcast on Sky News this morning

Mrs Beltrao, who lives in South West London with her family, added: ‘For the last four weeks, myself and my family have been walking through a living nightmare.

‘But I am where I am. I’ve got a great medical team around me, my amazing family and all the support of my friends and I’ve just got to get on with it. And I am.

‘I’ve done two chemos already, I’ve got 14 to go, I’m also on a keto diet, a dairy-free diet and I’m doing lots of alternative things like meditation because everyone knows how much I love my yoga.

‘But if you’ve got any spare blessings or prayers I’ll take those as well, and I’ll see you in the morning.’ 

Grade three cancer refers to cancer cells that look abnormal and may grow or spread more aggressively.

Mrs Beltrao’s broadcasting colleagues rallied round her with messages of support, including from ITV’s Julie Etchingham who said she was ‘always’ praying for her.

Sky Sports presenter Geoff Shreeves tweeted: ‘You know I always have your back and you always have my love and prayers. Now more than ever.’

And Isabel Webster of Sky News said: ‘Nooooooo, this is SO unfair!! I’m so sorry you and your lovely lovely family have to go through this all over again We are all here for you every step of the way Jacqs – we love you.’

Sky News presenter Mrs Beltrao is pictured with her sons Jorge (left), 17, and Tiago (right), 19

Mrs Beltrao is pictured in January 2019 after undergoing an £11,000 facelift on Harley Street

Mrs Beltrao is mother to sons Tiago, 19, and Jorge, 17, and daughter Amelia, 21, with her Brazilian-born husband Eduardo.

Speaking last year, she revealed she had an £11,000 facelift at a clinic on London’s Harley Street in December 2018 in an attempt to prolong her TV career.

She went under the knife because she also wanted to celebrate five years of being cancer-free following a battle with breast cancer and mastectomy.

During her recovery, Mrs Beltrao was prescribed Tamoxifen, which helps stop breast cancer cells from growing, but claimed it left her looking ‘like a ghost’. 

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