Instagram Swipe Up: How to do a ‘Swipe Up’ on Instagram

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with an incredible estimated billion active users. The ability for your followers to “Swipe Up” in your Instagram Stories is increasingly considered a big deal on the social media app.

This is because Swipe Up represents the first time Instagram users can add another link for their followers to click that is not in the bio.

Swipe Up is consequently a powerful method of leveraging Instagram Story followers to help grow your business.

There is, however, a catch – the Swipe Up feature is only available for those with a business account boasting more than 10,000 followers. explains exactly how to make the most of the Instagram Swipe Up function.


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How is the Instagram Swipe Up feature good for your business?

Prior to the Swipe Up feature, only one clickable link was available in any Instagram bio.

The hardest part with the bio link was getting users to actually click on it.

Instagram users had to click away from your story or post, go to your profile, click on the link and only then could they arrive on your website.

And with the stereotypically short attention span common online, most Instagram accounts did not see many click-throughs.

However, Swipe Up means followers can easily purchase your latest offering without having to leave the app.

Swipe Up is therefore the easiest way to boost traffic and sales with a single tap.

Instagram user Team4Runner‘s said in a statement: “We average over 4,000 impressions on most linked Stories and see a jump in website traffic each time (typically for the full 24 hours) it is live and active.

“[Swipe Up] has most certainly helped us gain extra traction on products especially during peak hours of the day or week.”


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How to add Swipe Up links to Instagram Stories:

The first step for adding a Swipe Up is to start an Instagram Story.

Next, take a photo or video directly within the Instagram Stories app, or import an existing image from a camera roll or gallery.

Now tap on the link icon on top of the screen’s right-hand side.

A new window will pop-up, allowing users to paste a link of your choice.

Add a URL then Android users should tap on the green checkmark to save the link – while iOS users should tap Done.

Instagram users should now be able to see the image is “linked” and the hyperlink icon in the top right should be white.

User should double-check they are linking to a specific blog post, page or product on their website.

This is because the aim of Swipe Up is to persuade followers to take action once they arrive on your site.

How to encourage Instagram followers to Swipe Up:

Note, merely adding a link is insufficient for those who wish to drive traffic to their website.

Users need to entice users and draw their attention to the fact that they can Swipe Up.

Using a GIF can encourage a Swipe Up, so use at least basic flashing text or even a quirkier option if it is on-brand.

Adding text is an even simpler option, even if it simply states “Swipe Up to see more”.

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