Inside Aaron Carter’s New Feud With YouTuber Jake Paul

Might there be hope that Aaron Carter and Jake Paul will be friends one day? The former teen pop star and the YouTube sensation’s brother, Logan Paul, developed a short-lived bromance in 2019, but it appears their friendship has only spiraled downward since. As fans remember, Carter and Logan became pals after the rapper appeared on the YouTuber’s Impaulsive podcast in September of that year.

At the time of the appearance, Carter made Logan a custom sweater, and he also gifted the internet personality a diamond chain with a studded pendant that read “Impaulsive.” However, things went downhill when Logan and his podcast co-host Mike Majlak said they took the chain to a “high-end Beverly Hills” shop where the jeweler determined the chain was fake. This didn’t go over well with Carter, who shared an expletive-filled rant about Logan on Twitter (via Metro UK).

“‘Ain’t nobody’s chain fake @LoganPaul so you can give that right back to me,” he tweeted. “If you gotta issue and are gonna talk behind my back say it to my face again. B***H!!” Ironically, he also challenged Logan — whose brother is an up-and-coming boxer — to a fight. “I’m waiting on him,” Carter wrote. “Mike Tyson will train me in a nano second @MikeTyson & I’ll whoop dat ass.”

While it’s unknown if and how Logan and Carter ever cleared the air, it seems the singer now has an issue with the Airplane Mode actor’s brother, Jake. Keep scrolling for details on Carter and Jake’s feud.

Aaron Carter is unhappy with Jake Paul's comments about his upcoming fight

While it has been a little while since Aaron Carter engaged in a hasty Internet feud, that all changed when Jake Paul made comments about the record producer’s upcoming boxing event against Lamar Odom. Carter and Odom are set to match up in a celebrity fight on June 12, 2021 in Atlantic City, N.J.

While speaking on the “I AM ATHLETE” YouTube channel on Feb. 8, 2021, Jake did not hold back when expressing his opinion about the future fight. “F**k that. That’s weak s**t. That’s f**king up boxing,” he said. “[Odom is] fighting this little f**ker, let’s not even talk about that.” In response to Jake’s statement, Carter shared the clip on Instagram alongside a straightforward message.

“First of all little homey you have no idea what I’m doing [with] my trainer no idea how long I’ve been studying martial arts so make sure you check yourself before you wreck yourself,” Carter wrote on Feb. 14, 2021. He continued, “I’m a street fighter homie. How many times has your nose been broken? I’ve been jumped multiple times by drug dealers.”

When a fan asked why he had been jumped “multiple times,” Carter explained, “Tryna rob me coming in with stacks.” He added, “I have a concealed weapons permit in L.A. county and I don’t need to answer none of y’alls unsolicited nonsense” (via Daily Mail). Jake has yet to respond back, but it sounds like their verbal sparring might become more dramatic than the upcoming boxing match itself.

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