Inges Idee and AllRightsReserved's Art Installations Tower Over New Landmark in Shanghai

Inges Idee and AllRightsReserved have taken over Shanghai’s latest landmark Mixc World with a colossal installation of works embracing the new development. The project marks the German art collective’s first ever major permanent outdoor art installation as AllRightsReserved makes its return to the city following a collaborative effort with Joan Cornellà.

In celebration of Mixc World’s opening, the duo looked to give the public a chance to experience art up close and personal in hopes of infusing a sense of creative culture within the community. Up We Go! sees a young boy strapped with an elephant backpack towering over two floors of the building and stepping over to the other side which gives onlookers different views from various ends of the area. Entitled Family orchestra, two elephants — a mother and child — extend their trunks to reach for each other with one situated on the ground level and the other on level B2. The work is inspired by orchestral instruments such as the trumpet and tuba to echo the habits of elephants communicating with each other in natural settings.

Both installations offer an immense view of the childlike wonder which has been blown up in proportion to exude the constant movement, harmony and flow shaped within the society.

To further commemorate the entire project, mini sculptures based on the installations are available in a quantity of 100 for each piece on the DDTStore. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in Hong Kong and the Shanghai Charity Foundation in support of charity projects pertaining to the youth and elderly.

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