HYPEGOLF Invitational Miami Brought Style, Music and More Onto the Golf Course

When we conceptualized our vertical HYPEGOLF, our goal was to de-stigmatize the modern game of golf, which dates back as far as the mid-1700s. Too often is it seen as a game tied heavily in tradition, with extremely rigid rules, stuck up and overly serious players, and courses unwilling to open up and change, or to adopt younger audiences and even younger mindsets.

Our first ever HYPEGOLF Invitational event was the first step towards changing the game of golf.

Held at the prestigious Miami Beach Golf Club in Miami Beach, Florida, our first ever HYPEGOLF event saw casual players and influencers meet with veteran players and professionals on the golf course, all brought together to enjoy the game of golf on the beautiful, sunny May 13. Pro-players Olajuwon and Paris Hilinski, golf instructor Manolo, New England Patriot safety Adrian Colbert and even Hollywood actor Michael Pena (Ant-Man, Narcos: Mexico) helped make the atmosphere well-rounded and colorful. A friendly tournament was held across MBGC’s grueling 18 holes; some had challenges and surprises, others had contests and activations. Our sponsors like COBRA PUMA GOLF, Titleist, Roger Dubuis and others brought the best of their brand offerings, free samples, hands-on demos and more for all to enjoy, and the venue’s catering energized guests with world class food.

Music and style played a vital role to the event; competitors were encouraged to bring forth their own defining styles, regardless of breaking social golf norms of boring white polo shirts and leather cleats. But it didn’t stop there – players were even given the opportunity to choose a walk-on song as they approached hole 16, much like a soundtrack for a pro boxer as they climb into the ring.

And for those who were looking to learn how to play, a PGA professional was even on hand, dispensing valuable tips and tricks for mastering drives, proper club handling, improving your stance and more.

Check out the recap video of our first ever HYPEGOLF Invitational above, and keep an eye out for upcoming events in your city soon.
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