How to make ice cubes without a tray

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Ice cubes are the perfect way to cool your drink, your body, and even your fan down on a hot day. That’s right, placing a bucket of ice in front of your fan will force your fan to refresh the room with cold air. You might assume that using an ice cube tray is the only way to make ice cubes, but you’re wrong. reveals three ways to make your own ice cubes without using a tray.

Plastic bag

Fill a plastic ziplock bag with water until it is a quarter of the way full.

Never fill the bag any more because you will be left with a large rock of ice that is difficult to crush.

Larger bags will produce more ice but base your choice of bag on the size of your freezer.

Zip the bag shut to avoid spillage, but leave some air in the bag.

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Lay the bag on its side in the freezer on a flat surface and leave it there for four hours.

Larger bags may take between 8 and 12 hours to freeze.

Once the ice is frozen, remove it from the bag and break the ice up with your hands.

Alternatively, leave the ice in a bag and use a rolling pin to smash the ice into small, thin chunks.

Egg carton

Take a styrofoam egg carton and clean it thoroughly to get rid of any possible foodborne illnesses such as salmonella.

If you only have a paper carton, line each slot with aluminium foil to create a waterproof barrier between the water and paper.

Make sure there are no gaps by using a square piece and pressing it down into each dimple.

Fill each hole with water and stop pouring just before it reaches its maximum.

If you fill the simples too far they will spill over into each other or dissolve the paper.

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Carefully place the carton on a flat surface in the freezer. Removing the carton’s lid will make this easier.

You will need to leave it there for at least four hours, but freezing the water overnight is ideal.

When it’s time to take the ice out of the carton, press up on the bottom of each dimple.

Apply gentle pressure and it will slip out of the carton.

If this doesn’t work, pull up on the foil to remove the ice cubes.

Cupcake tin

Fill the holes of a cupcake or muffin tin with water.

Leave the tin in the freezer for at least four hours, and take it out when the water is fully frozen.

Taking the ice cubes out of the tray is easy when you use this hack.

Turn the tin upside down and run the back of the tin under hot water for 30 seconds.

These slightly larger ice cubes will pop right out, ready to be used.

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