How to get home like Stacey Solomons Pickle Cottage as she prepares for baby

With two and a half acres of land, a swimming pool and a fairytale facade, Stacey Solomon's "Pickle Cottage" is the home of dreams for many.

The Loose Women star, 31, has been renovating the property since moving in last March, readying their home for the arrival of baby number two with her fiancé Joe Swash.

Joe and Stacey confirmed they were expecting another baby two weeks ago, following on from the birth of their son, Rex, two, in 2019.

"We are growing another pickle. We've never felt so grateful…," Stacey said, sharing the heartwarming news with fans.

"I have no words. We didn't think we would get the chance. We love you all to the moon and back. Lots of love From Me, Joe, Harry, Zach, Leighton, Rex, and our little pickle."

The happy family will live together in Pickle Cottage, with Stacey's two sons from previous relationships, Leighton, 13, and Zachary, nine, and Joe's son Harry, 13.

As their property renovation plays out, many fans will be wondering how they can achieve the same effect in their own homes.

Thankfully, there's a step-by-step guide you can follow, interior design experts and radiator manufacturers Stelrad have revealed.

Chris Harvey, head of marketing at Stelrad, said: "We believe Stacey's home decor and interior hacks are so popular with her 4.5 million Instagram followers because she attempts to do everything as eco-friendly and cost-effective as possible."

By paying close attention to Stacey's techniques, and taking note of where she purchases each of her home furnishings and accents, fans can steal her style.

"This gives more people the chance to try and recreate her style in their own homes," he said.

"She also gives step-by-step instructions on her Instagram which then allows people to follow her step by step, giving people the confidence that they can also do it themselves."

Below, here's a guide on the best ways to transform the key rooms of Stacey's house, from her storybook bathroom to a contemporary children's room.

Children's room

Stacey's first step in renovating her son Rex's bedroom was in transforming the fireplace, which was panelled in wood and featured floral tiles.

Using matte tile paint from Wickes, she painted over the tiles in dark grey, first wiping the surface down with a damp cloth.

Two stuffed Zebra toys were stuck onto the wall above the mantelpiece, which Stacey purchased from Dunelm.

Next, Stacey tackled the walls, using sticky tape to create a geometric shape before painting giant triangles, with a colour palette of dark grey, light grey, and white skirting boards.

Peeling off the masking tape, she added animal stickers from Amazon over the lighter portion of the wall, creating a pretty illustrated print – £9.99 for a pack of 46.

She nailed some star-shaped infinity light tunnels into the wall, snapping them up from a shop called Pohove on Amazon for £9.99.

A cartoon panda shelf topped things off, purchased for £16.99 from a shop called Home Zone Store.

She sanded down the floor and added some Shenan Hex Lights to the wall, which react to touch sensors – though they retail at a slightly pricy £44.

Fitting the bed in place, she bought graphic black and white bedsheets and some chic woven storage units – leaving Rex delighted with his new room.

Master bedroom

The home's master bedroom was originally styled with floral curtains and dark wooden furnishings, but Stacey brightened the space with a palette of nudes and creams.

Behind the bed, she added her pale pink "Lion King" mirror, which features reams of reeds around a circle of glass.

Referring to the mirror, she said: "It got a bit battered in transit. I need a glue gun to stick the reeds back on and fluff him up with the hairdryer."

She added textured white bedding with woven cushions to the bed, each stacked on top of the other.

A vase holding more delicate reeds was placed by the bed, and the space was softened with earth-toned throws.

Painted white, the wooden panelled walls were kept the same, as they tied in with Stacey's vision for the room.

Bespoke bathroom

One of Stacey's favourite parts of her historic home was an ornate bathroom, which featured blue and white porcelain fixtures.

Ridding the space of its red carpeting, Stacey replaced the wooden seat on the loo and painted the walls in a shade of duck egg blue.

She panelled the bottom half of the walls with MDF and invested in some new towel holders and elegant white vases to hold dried flowers.

Floating shelves held the vases and some white candles, propped up in the corner of the loo.

On the walls, she encased dried plants in frames from Primark, which retailed at £2.50 each.

She coated the floors in lino, telling fans the floor expert informed her it would be "the most durable" option, as genuine wood can get damp over time.

Designed in a herringbone effect, the mock wooden flooring was just £150 to buy, with fitting included.

Going the extra mile, her soap dispensers were from Ikea, with handmade labels on the front.

Floral conservatory

Stacey gave their home's classic conservatory a contemporary twist with the help of some colourful flower garlands.

The TV personality was smitten by the airy space when they bought the house, telling fans: "This will be my favourite toom I think.

"It's so warm and bright. Im going to start with this inside I think. I don't know whether to make it a little playroom or a cosy snug."

Adding in a rustic ceiling beam, she hung reams of purple flower garlands from above, letting the leafy blooms dangle overhead.

Hanging lights were added between the blossoms, making for a lavender-themed haven.

During the transformation, she told fans: "Taking so much longer than I thought because I staple gunned the flowers on and then thought it really needs some dangly lights…

"So I've found some cable, lamp holders and bulbs and called my dad over. For supervision."

The artificial wisteria flowers were just £11.99 per pack, picked up from an Amazon seller known as Yueshop.

Swimming pool

The sprawling estate in Essex not only has its own swimming pool, but also a pool house and a swish turquoise hot tub.

Sharing a snap of the pool when they first moved in, Stacey said: "It's not full up and needs a barrier and a safe cover but I've never had anything like this in my life."

Making space for changing facilities and storage, the pool house has several rooms, with the hot tub looking out at the garden from one corner.

Stacey remarked: "I think they must have been real party people because they had this massive hot tub. I just love that it looks out on the pool."

While the pool is still a work in progress, Stacey has hired professionals to transform it in time for summer.

Though the DIY queen usually prefers to tackle renovations herself, she felt it was important to take the safest route possible when it came to the pool.

Sharing a photo of the blue base of the pool, Stacey said: "I wish it was done now but the weather's been awful – they've only just managed to start so hopefully in a few weeks it'll be safe with a shallow area and a proper cover."

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