How to Dodge the Negative Vibes Of February's Full Moon

How to Dodge the Negative Vibes Of February's Full Moon

Last month, the full moon's message came in loud and clear: You deserve the best. This month, when the full moon arrives in the wee hours of Saturday, February 27, it will be quieter, but it will reach us on a more personal level, as if whispering in our ear — and we might not love everything it has to say. 

With the full moon occurring in the practical (if somewhat stingy) earth sign Virgo, it will be difficult to feel like we are enough, let alone deserve our just rewards. 

The Full Snow Moon in Virgo will put leisure time on ice.

This month's traditional spiritual associations are very similar to last month's. In fact, depending on who you ask, they even have a name in common — the Snow Moon, in reference to the harsh winter weather that permeates most of February. Historically, as noted in the Old Farmer's Almanac, resources were not in abundance during this time of year. That real-life concern might not be top-of-mind in modern times, but it can still translate into some uncaring behavior. 

When we live under a scarcity mindset, the stakes feel extremely high, even while addressing menial tasks and everyday needs. It can be difficult to see where there is space to share and time to rest. The challenge for us, then, is to remember the importance of generosity — with ourselves and with others — even when it feels like we're just eking by. Yes, it's important to stay focused on the tasks at hand, avoid procrastination, and work toward your personal goals, but those priorities can coexist with self-care and affection. Industriousness and ambition do not have to equal denial.

Resist the urge to nit-pick during the Virgo full moon.

When the bright full moon beams its way through a detail-oriented sign like Virgo, even the teeny tiniest flaws can come to light — and be perceived as glaringly fatal. Wielded gently, this influence can help you catch minor mistakes before they snowball into real issues, but it can very easily overtake your thoughts and undermine your confidence. Remember: Just because something isn't perfect doesn't mean you failed. And, just because you feel compelled to put everything else on hold in order to iron out the smallest kinks in your work doesn't mean you actually should. If you take a closer look, you'll likely realize that all that pressure is coming from within. 

Unless, for example, your boss is knocking down your door, demanding you present them with a polished presentation this very moment, you probably have more wiggle room to develop, fine-tune, and even revise whatever work you happen to have on your plate. When you allow yourself that time and space, you can reap the full benefits of Virgo's hard-working spirit. This sign loves to create with care and conscientiousness, and it can do just that, providing it gets out of its own way when it comes to perfectionism. Keep this in mind as you gaze up at the full moon next weekend and reflect upon the month ahead.

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