Home cook recreates KFC chicken drumsticks at home in a simple recipe

Home cook recreates KFC chicken drumsticks at home with her own lockdown recipe – and chain ranks her ‘exquisite’ effort 9 out of 10

  • Ernestina Agyei, attempted to make her own 11 herb and spices mix at home
  • Marketing manager, 30, shared her simple recipe with FEMAIL to create at home 
  • Hundreds of people replied to her on Instagram saying they were keen to try it 

A home cook has wowed social media users with her recipe for KFC’s chicken drumsticks.

Ernestina Agyei, 30, from London, revealed she mixes flour and spices before deep frying in oil to make the delicious chicken treat at home – while the majority of KFC shops are still closed amid the pandemic.

After posting the recipe online, KFC dubbed the dish ‘exquisite’ and praised the marketing manager’s version of their famous dish, giving her a score of 9/10.

The chicken shop giant is ranking it’s customers attempt to recreate dishes at home amid the coronvirus lockdown – while keeping their 11 herb and spice spice a tightly guarded secret.

In a video step-by-step recipe shared with her Instagram followers, Ernestina starts by mixing flour with a homemade spice mix before adding aromat – a stock spice – and deep frying it. 

A home cook has wowed social media users with her recipe for KFC’s chicken drumsticks (pictured) 

KFC dubbed the chicken ‘exquisite’ and an 9/10 after they shared the recipe online

Speaking to FEMAIL, Ernestina, who shares her food pictures to Instagram to more than 3000 followers, said she’s always loved cooking but is really enjoying it even more in lockdown.

‘I’m a marketing manager for a bank and currently working from home. Our company has always allowed for flexible working so the transition into working from home has been smooth’, she said.  

‘The only difference is that it’s been for quite a while now and I do miss that human office interaction! 

Ernestina is self-isolating with her husband at her home in London, and says that since the lockdown he has been more appreciative of her cooking as they can’t nip out for a takeaway as easily. 

While many high street favourites, including Greggs, McDonalds and PizzaExpress have shared their recipes to fans amid the coronavirus pandemic, KFC has kept tight lipped on their secret herb and spice blend.    

Ernestina’s step-by-step guide to making KFC’s drumsticks at home 

Ernestina added: ‘I am surely a fan of KFC, I would say it’s one of the nation’s favourite takeaways. Even though I love to cook and do cook a lot, sometimes it’s good to have a break and just grab the odd take out here and there’ she said.

‘I am definitely missing Wagamama’s and Nando’s too! I’ve actually recreated Wagamama’s Firecracker chicken in the past and will be making that again very soon. 

And it appears many of her followers are missing takeaway too, with dozens commenting saying they’re going to try her recipe.

‘This looks so good’ said one. 

 ‘This looks divine!!!! I will definitely follow your recipe’ said another 

‘The recipe that works..thanks!’  added a third. 

‘We are in the spirit! Planning to make fried chicken this weekend; this is perfect timing!!’ said one. 

Ernestina’s recipe to make KFC at home – in pictures

 Ernestina, who startered cooking seven years ago, has even launched her own online masterclasses as her followers enjoy her cooking so much.  

‘I am looking forward to hosting a few more once everything goes back to normal but for now I’ll continue to post my cooking on my Instagram page’ she added.  

‘Funnily enough my mum tried to teach me how to cook when I was younger, but I was a bit lazy and didn’t take it too serious until I moved out.

‘I went back to my parents house during the weekends to learn from my mum (she’s an amazing cook) it became a regular routine and I learned how to cook many Ghanaian dishes as that is where we are originally from. 

‘The amazing thing about cooking is that you don’t stop learning as there is so much out there. I would love to be able to go to culinary school one day but for now I’ll continue to teach myself. 

Ernestina Agyei, from London, revealed she mixes flour and spices before deep frying in oil to make the delicious chicken treat at home as she shared the recipe on her Instagram to lashings of praise. She is pictured

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