Hertz adding Tesla Model Y to rental fleet

FOX Business Flash top headlines for March 24

Here are your FOX Business Flash top headlines for March 24.

Hertz is doubling its electric car offerings.

Hertz will have the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in its fleet this year. (Hertz)

Following last fall's reveal that the Tesla Model 3 sedan was joining its rental fleet, the rental agency has confirmed that it will soon add the Model Y SUV.

Hertz told FOX Business that Model Ys are included in the 100,000-vehicle order that was initially announced as just the Model 3 with an ad campaign starring NFL great Tom Brady, not in addition to it.

Tom Brady features in Hertz EV rental commercials. (Hertz)

Rentals of the Model Y will begin in April at select outlets where Hertz is basing its EV operations, which include the necessary charging infrastructure.

Hertz is expanding its network of EV rental locations. (Hertz)

There are now seven across the U.S., located at airports, including at Dulles International outside Washington, D.C., where a typical midweek Model 3 rental list for approximately $175 per day.

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Hertz advertises the Model 3 with a range of 260 miles per charge and the Model Y with up to 330 miles of range.


Hertz has not confirmed how many Teslas have been delivered to date.

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