Here's how much the Ford F-150 Lightning's home backup charging will cost

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Customers looking to use the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck to charge their homes in the event of an outage will pay a hefty price tag. 

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Every F-150 Lightning comes with a Ford Mobile Power Cord, which can plug into a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet. However, to take advantage of the vehicle's bi-directional charging feature called Ford Intelligent Backup Power, customers will be required to purchase a Home Integration System.


The Home Integration System, which consists of an inverter, transfer switch and battery, is available through Sunrun for $3,895, with installation costs dependent on a person's home setup. The device works in tandem with the automaker's 80-amp Charge Station Pro, which is included with extended range F-150 Lightning vehicles and costs $1,310 plus tax for standard range F-150 Lightning vehicles.

"When the power goes out, the system automatically disconnects from the utility line and switches over to Ford Intelligent Backup Power so that the truck can send power to your house," Matthew Stover, Ford's charging and energy services director, explained in a LinkedIn blog post. "Going this route opens even more potential in the future, because this system will be utilized to enable another feature once it becomes available – Ford Intelligent Power. This will allow customers to power their homes with their truck’s battery when electricity rates are higher, potentially saving money and easing pressure on the grid."

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Every F-150 Lightning comes with a Ford Mobile Power Cord, which can plug into a 120 volt or 240 volt outlet.

With the ability to offboard up to 9.6 kilowatts of energy, the F-150 Lightning can provide full-home power for up to three days on a fully charged battery. Customers can monitor charging status, control the transfer of power and set their own cut-off limits via Ford's Pass app. 


Pricing for the F-150 Lightning starts at just under $40,000. 

Pricing for the F-150 Lightning starts at just under $40,000.  (Ford)

The extended-range battery pack produces 580 horsepower and the standard-range battery pack delivers 452 horsepower. Both packs are capable of producing 775 lbs.-ft. of torque, more than any other F-150 pickup ever. Properly equipped F-150 Lightning pickups have a payload capacity of up to 2,235 lbs. and a towing capacity of up to 10,000 lbs. 

The F-150 Lightning's standard-range battery offers a targeted EPA-estimated range of 230 miles. Meanwhile, the extended range battery offers an EPA-estimated range of 320 miles and the Platinum model offers an EPA-estimated range of 300 miles. 

The company has taken over 200,000 reservations for the F-150 Lightning. 

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