Hasbro Made A New Baby Yoda-Themed Monopoly Game

Baby Yoda is taking over game night! Appropriately unveiled on May 4, Hasbro has a new The Child-themed Monopoly game, modeled after Disney’s live-action show Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Prepare to travel around a galaxy far, far away with (arguably) the most lovable character from Star Wars.

The special edition board game was created for two to four players, and everyone gets to be a different version of Baby Yoda. You can be The Child drinking a cup of broth, using the force, eating a frog, or sitting in the Hoverpram. Dibs on the broth-drinking one, obviously!

Designed for ages 8 and up, this Monopoly game comes with the four cardboard Baby Yodas, 18 Title Deed cards, 16 Bounty Puck cards, 16 Camtono cards, 32 plastic hideouts, 12 plastic common houses, 12 dice, a money pack, and a game guide. Now all you need to do is convince the people in your home to play with you, which shouldn’t be *too* hard for you, hopefully.

You can preorder Monopoly: Star Wars The Child online at Target, Walmart, and GameStop. Each one is $19.99 and will ship by its release date of Sept. 1. Hey, at least you’ll have something to look forward to once summer is over, right?!

Just when we think we’ve seen the most fun Baby Yoda merch out there, we’re surprised with another item that has us loving the adorable bb even more. Thank you to Hasbro for this one!

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