Get Pumped Because McDonald’s Has Revealed Their New Summer Slushie Flavor and It's Pink Lemonade

Seasonal products and food menus have been released in the last few weeks to gear everyone up for summertime. McDonald’s always brings out slushies for the season, and the newest flavor is pink lemonade.

Slushies are a staple of fast food menus as the weather gets warmer, and McDonald’s has added them to the menu in recent years. The flavors vary from year to year though, and in the past they’ve offered Orangeade and Cherry Limeade versions of the drink.

This year, you’ll be pleased to hear, the summer slushie lineup includes fruit punch, blue raspberry, and pink lemonade. Fruit punch and blue raspberry have been available before, but this pink lemonade is all new. One reviewer on YouTube said that it was a little bit sweet, but not as tart as you would think a pink lemonade flavor would be.

Slushies are available in small, medium, and large sizes and are about 190 calories. They may be a little bit harder to find than usual, though, because McDonald’s locations are adjusting their menus to sell only the most popular items to help keep things running efficiently during the ongoing pandemic.

Sonic is also offering slush drinks in flavors like Red Bull and Red Bull Watermelon. People on TikTok are also offering tips for how to make your own DIY slushie with White Claw because, by this point, why not? Which drives home the point that these pink lemonade slushies from McDonald’s are probably great for spiking too. So yeah, if you see this at your local McDonald’s, might as well pick one up…for research purposes.

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