Gangs of London viewers gripped despite 'brutal' violence

Is Gangs of London the most violent TV show EVER? Viewers are forced to switch off after scenes showing characters burned alive and killed with meat cleavers

  • Nine episodes of drama Gangs of London released on Sky Atlantic last night
  • Scenes showed ‘incredible fight scenes’ as well as ‘graphic and brutal’ violence 
  • Viewers left gripped by gory opening and a fight scene involving a meat cleaver  

A gorey new TV show about warring gangs in London opened last night with dramatic scenes that saw a character being set alight while being dangled off a building within the first few minutes. 

The new drama, written by Gareth Evans, started on Sky Atlantic last night, starring Colm Meaney and Joe Cole, and viewers were hooked by the show. 

However, many admitted they would be having nightmares after watching a man having his throat cut by a meat cleaver in a brutal fight scene. 

Another scene sees a man’s face being smashes against a bar with a glass ashtray in his mouth, prompting squeamish viewers including Countryfile’s Julia Bradbury to switch off. 

Gangs of London left viewers gripped with it’s ‘increible’ fight scenes, but insisted the ‘brutal’ violence of the show left them wincing at the graphic scenes. Pictured, Joe Cole as Sean Wallace and Michelle Fairley as Marian Wallace

Viewers admitted they couldn’t get enough of the ‘visceral’ fight scenes. Pictured, Sope Dirisu as Elliot Finch (right) 

The drama begins with the death of London gang kingpin, Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney) who worked with the Dumani family, Ed (Lucian Msamati) and son Alex (Paapa Essiedu), to run crime in the city. 

Finn is seen pleading for his life as he hangs upside down off the top of a tall building, before being burned alive, leaving his son Sean Wallace (Joe Cole) to step up and become the leader of the most notorious criminal gangs in London. 

Viewers were blown away by the ‘crazy’ start to the episode, with one insisting , ‘Jesus Christ that’s a brutal start – I love it!’

Another agreed, ‘This show has started off crazy. 10/10’. 

Viewers were blown away by the ‘crazy’ start to the episode, with one insisting , ‘Jesus Christ that’s a brutal start – I love it!’ 

Later, the Wallace family are seen attending Finn’s funeral procession, where he by chance meets small-time criminal Elliot Finch (Sope Dirisu) after he helps pick up some flowers that have fallen from the hearse. 

Elliot eventually helps a group of Sean’s gang identify someone who may be connected to Finn’s murder on CCTV, after he recognises the vehicle, and Sean asks him to lead the gang to the suspect. 

After finding a potential suspect in a nearby pub, Elliot is accused by a group of men of being friend of the notorious Wallace family.  

In a fight viewers hailed ‘intense, visceral and energetic’, the character is seen taking on a gang of men one by one with ease – even smashing one of his rivals face against the bar with a glass ashtray in between his teeth. 

One enthralled viewer commented: ‘#GangsOfLondon had excellent fight choreography.’ 

The show follows Sean Wallace (Joe Cole, pictured) who is forced to step up and become the leader of the most notorious criminal gangs in London after the death of his father

Stranger Elliot is seen gaining the trust of the Wallace family and enters further into their family business. Pictured, Elliot at a gang meeting in episode two 

Another said: ‘Yep! This is me! Hanging on! Catching my breath after that incredible 1st episode of #GangsOfLondon With some of the most intense, visceral, energetic fight scenes I’ve seen. Incredible fight coordination!’  

Later, as Elliot gaines the trust of the Wallace family and enters further into their family business, he is caught up in another fight – this time involving a meat cleaver. 

While tracking a man he suspects of killing Finn into an abandoned building, he encounters a rival gang member who has already kidnapped and mutilated the suspect. 

After the suspect refuses to serve up any information, the pair end up in an epic fight resulting in Elliot slicing open his throat with a meat cleaver, which he appears to have stolen from the other gang member.  

Viewers were captivated by the fight scenes, but with one insisting while it was ‘brilliantly shot’ they’ll have ‘ dreams about a bloodied meat cleaver’

Viewers were captivated by the scenes, with one insisting it was ‘brilliantly shot’ but admitting they’ll have ‘ dreams about a bloodied meat cleaver’. 

One commented: ‘After that amazing pub fight, there is an absolutely incredible fight involving a man wearing just pants and wellies and wielding a meat cleaver. I’m quite a hardened film watcher but #GangsOfLondon is very, very brutal.’ 

Another said: ‘Not sure I will sleep tonight having watched the feature length of #GangsOfLondon. Sure I will be dreaming about a bloodied meat cleaver. Gripping stuff and brilliantly shot. Sope Dirisu and @theotherJoeCole bang on.’ 

A third agreed: ‘Hooked after the first episode, it’s brutal though that meat cleaver fight had me winching.’ 

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