Free Netflix for music backed by Robbie and Kylie launches in UK

A British music streaming service billed as a 'Spotify killer' has just launched a new TV music app with the support of Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue as celebrity backers.

The ROXi TV Music App is completely free and lets anyone in the UK stream 70 million music videos, albums, and songs on hundreds of different TVs.

What's more, the company is giving away one million free microphones to encourage people to use its unique 'karaoke' feature with their families, which lets you sing along with celebs to over 140,000 songs.

The app, which includes a number of music games such as 'Name The Song', is also being backed by Sheryl Crow and Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon.

"We're bringing music videos, karaoke, and games into people's home through a TV Music App for free so millions of households can enjoy music videos together, sing together, dance together and play together," said ROXi CEO Rob Lewis.

"When they create their music, most musicians hope their work is going to be experienced by people together, not just listened to alone on headphones."

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You can download the ROXi music app to your smart TV, Amazon Fire, Sony Bravia, Sky Q box, or alternatively, you can pick up a set top box which plugs into your TV via ROXi's website.

This includes a free karaoke mic for use with the system as well as a 'premium music pass' that lets you access all of its tunes without ads.

With 55 percent of Brits now using on-demand video TV apps like Netflix and Disney+, it seems ROXi is hoping to get in on the action with its music offering.

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