Florida Teacher Found Unresponsive After Attack by 5-Year-Old: Police

The alleged attack happened in the "cool down" room.

A Florida school teacher was found unresponsive after being attacked by a 5-year-old pupil, police say.

The child beat the woman with his fists and feet to the point where she had to be stretchered out and taken to hospital, according to investigators.

Pembroke Pines PD responded to a call at Pines Lakes Elementary on Wednesday morning after the teacher radioed staff saying she “needed support.”

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When officers arrived, they found her “sitting on the ground against the wall… appearing to be in a faint state,” a police report obtained by Local10 revealed.

“… she was clearly weak and dazed. She then began coughing and dry heaving,” the officer wrote, who had to put her in the recovery position to prevent choking.

“I attempted to get a response from [the victim] by asking if she could hear me or feel me touching her arm to which I didn’t get a response,” he wrote. “[She] continued to blink and breathe regularly but at no point was able to vocally respond or show signs of a response.”

Speaking to staff, police learned the incident began when two students — aged 4 and 5 — began flipping chairs, and throwing things around the classroom and at the teachers.

The students were separated, and the five-year-old was taken to an empty smaller room known as the “cool down” room — but things apparently did not cool down there.

“We’re talking about an elementary classroom, a four and a five-year-old, that’s crazy,” one parent — who has a child in the class — told WSVN, “because you continuously get this from one student, one, two students, it’s an issue.”

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“She is a sweet teacher,” the parent added. “When I say I trust this woman with my child, that’s a second mom. I trust her with my child — amazing woman, and it has me distraught that something like this could happen to her.”

The school’s principal messaged parents to let them know there had been an incident, but assuring them that none of the other students were ever in danger.

“This is not the first time that this has happened at this school, in this classroom. I feel like there needs to be the proper support,” the parent added. “This is a special needs class, however, they’re not equipped to deal with things like this.”

“Somebody needs to be held accountable, the parents need to be held accountable, the district needs to be held accountable, they dropped the ball. There needs to be somebody held accountable for what happened to that teacher. It’s concerning. I feel like it had to get to this point for people to come out and for people to do what they have to do.”

Florida is one of 27 states that does not have a minimum age a person can be arrested or prosecuted.

However, Pembroke Pines PD confirmed to TooFab the child was not arrested or taken into custody.

While the incident is still under active criminal investigation, the Public Information Officer said that after discussing the case with the state’s attorney’s office, charges against the 5-year-old are unlikely because they are “under the age of reasoning,” — although she added “but things can change.”

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