Flight attendant shares how her crew of 14 left a passenger on plane by mistake

A flight attendant has revealed how she and her entire crew left a passenger alone on an empty plane by mistake.

Sheena-marie, from Georgia in the US, shared the terrifying travel story on TikTok as she responded to a green-screen video sharing the news of a woman being left on a plane in 2019.

In the video, she watched the news clip and said: "First of all, somebody is getting fired. Now guys, I've actually done this before.

"It was actually my entire crew."

She explains that the passenger also fell asleep on the plane and woke up to find there was no one around.

"Basically we had just landed in Germany, I don't even know how people sleep through landing, not feeling the wheels touching the runway and all that rumble, but it happened all the time," Sheena adds.

"We had finished sweeping the whole plane and all the cleaners were on board, you know.

"We were literally off the plane, on the bus and all of a sudden, we looked up on the plane and there's a lady coming down from the plane.

"We got in so much trouble because it's a major security concern for leaving a passenger on the plane."

She is almost certain that the whole crew is "getting written up" on the incident.

Sharing her experience on that, Sheena gives advice to viewers if they are left alone in the plane.

"Girl if you're trapped in a plane, just open the emergency door," she continues but quickly second doubts. "Oh, you have to arm it first so never mind.

"You can open the door but the slide is not coming out because it's not armed. But why don't you call 911, what?"

Viewers were left confused why Sheena and her crew had not woken the passenger up.

One said: "I don't understand how people through that and everyone around you getting up. Why did no one wake her up?"

Sheena replied: "We ain't see her and there was actually 14 of us."

Another wrote: "Makes you wonder how well they clean the plane if the cleaning crew did not see her."

A third added: "Where could she have been sitting, don't y'all check the plane?"

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