Feminist Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Smash the Patriarchy

Many of us have complicated relationships with Father’s Day — and/or Mother’s Day, or let’s be honest, most Hallmark holidays. The notion of recognizing a specific person on a specific day can feel off-putting at best — and heteronormative and exclusionary at worst. For those of us who are lucky enough to have a father and/or partner with whom we do want to celebrate this day, Father’s Day can elicit a wide range of emotions, from nostalgia to grief to longing to just plain annoyance at the continuation of the white, male patriarchy even in 2021. Oh, and it perpetuates hetero relationships and capitalist culture, too. So, what are we celebrating again? Oh, right, dads we love! Because we do love a lot of them; just look at these celeb dads who are raising kids and teaching them to smash the aforementioned patriarchy.

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