F2T Gallery Debuts in Milan With Selection of LA Artists

Conceived through the research of two young art collectors, Francesco Bena and Matteo Novarese, F2T Gallery is a new art space in Milan with a sole focus on showcasing the works of international and emerging artists.

With roots firmly placed in the Brera region of Milan, a historical hub of Italy’s art scene — F2T Gallery aims to revamp its heritage into the present by connecting with new artists, galleries and collectors in the contemporary art world.

For its grand opening, F2T Gallery breaks boundaries by highlighting creatives from LA for the first time. Hosting five artists from the West coast to collate narratives around their native country including Michelle Blade (1981, Los Angeles), Elmer Guevara (1990, Los Angeles), Matt McCormick (1987, San Francisco), Conrad Ruíz (1983, Monterey Park) and Aryo Toh Djojo (1984, Los Angeles). All possessing different aesthetics and mediums, the five depict their personal experiences through languages, symbolism and styles of LA to form a unique cultural exhibition.

Check out the full list of artists and more information on the new F2T Gallery through its website.
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