Ex-weather girl Yanet Garcia flaunts her stunning 10 year transformation

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The former world's hottest weather girl has encouraged fans not to get plastic surgery after sharing her transformation.

Yanet Garcia, 29, wowed her 13.4 million followers on Instagram with her amazing progress over the years.

She shared old images of herself which showcased her incredible transformation in the past decade.

The fitness fanatic posted a collage of three pictures, one including her at the age of 18 during her first catwalk as a model.

Then the one next to it was when Yanet was a teenager, where she was a lot thiner with no curves.

And finally, the Mexican's last snap flaunted her body now to encourage fans to refrain from going under the knife.

Yanet wrote: "Before and 10 years after. Hard work pays off. 100% built in the gym.

"The results of discipline cannot be bought. Do not give up! If I can, you can do too!

"Trust the process and the results will arrive. People who think they can't do something will never do it, even if they have the skills.

"Fit plan. Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do, will make you who you are tomorrow and the day after.

"See what you want and start to become that person."

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The internet sensation also urged her followers to avoid going under the knife.

She added: "Don't have surgery, don't inject yourself, there is no need.

"You can make your buttocks grow naturally doing a lot of exercise, eating super healthy."

Since Yanet shared the post, the images secured over 180,000 likes with thousands of comments.

One said: "My motivation every day!"

Another gushed: "Inspiration."

A third praised: "Love you."

While a fourth added: "How cute! Thousands of blessings you have a lot of willpower."

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