Eva Amurri Shares the Story of Son Mateo's Home Birth – and Reveals How Daughter, 5½, Helped

Eva Amurri Shares Family Photo with Ex Kyle Martino After Son’s Birth: “We Are All So in Love”

Amurri describes how the hours following Mateo’s arrival “were incredible and unforgettable,” and included the newborn doing skin-to-skin with Martino and Marlowe and the family eating Mateo’s birthday cake together.

“Mateo’s birth taught me to trust myself and my community, to lean in to my tribe and to surrender to the unknown. It showed me that I have love in so many places, and that even the most delicate and heartbreaking of changes can still bring about the most beautiful futures.”

Amurri’s third child is the first she and the NBC Sports analyst have welcomed together since they announced their split last November and finalized their divorce in February.

“I have an unconventional family, for sure, but one I am so grateful for,” she writes in her blog. “One that is rooted in deep love and courage. I hope to continue in that sentiment down this motherhood journey as a Mama of three, and to continue to let Mateo teach me whatever lessons he brings with him.”

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