EastEnders Patsy Palmer launches into Covid rant as she mocks virus variants

Ex-EastEnders star Patsy Palmer has shared her views on Covid vaccinations for children, leaving her followers somewhat surprised.

Writing from her home in Malibu, California, the former star – who is most known for her role as Bianca in BBC soap EastEnders – mocked DR Anthony Fauci in the post.

Fauci is the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, who has been leading the conversation regarding Covid and vaccinations in the US.

Patsy wrote: "So sorry to hear the Indian variant that changed to Delta 457898654566 has now mutated into the Yorkshire variant and you will need to be poked every week for the rest of your life.

"But you will never be allowed out unless you eat all your roast potatoes, and if you use gravy you will have to get on a train to a quarantine camp for 80 days until Fauci tells you you are safe.

"He will be available for phone calls only."

Sharing her views on the topic, Patsy then shared videos of a debate, which discussed whether children ought to be given the Covid vaccine.

She captioned: "As a parent, I have to share this. This is not ok!!!! It's never been ok and never should be ok!

"This goes way past arguing about individual choices as adults. Surely we can stand together on this."

In another post, she targeted everyday people and their efforts to maintain the rules of the pandemic and protect people.

Patsy put: "We have all kinds of police now. We have the 'don't have your own views' police, we have the 'mask police'.

"We have the 'restaurant take out' police, we have the 'hike' police, we have the 'social media grammar & spelling' police.

"We have the 'anyone that wanted a career in the force that now thinks they have the right to tell complete strangers what to do'. We then have the rebel people in authority telling kids that not talking to strangers is obviously so last season.

"In fact, let strangers give you medical experiments, kids, without telling your parents. These are the most confusing type of police. They were supposed to be protecting our children from harm.

"Who do we go to for help with this crime?"

The UK government has yet to make a decision on whether it is necessary to give the vaccine to children and teens.

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