Dumbgood Drops Sega Dreamcast Collection for the Retro Gamer

Dumbgood, specialists in pop-cultural merch, has just released another hard-hitting capsule featuring SEGA’s Dreamcast.

Too ahead of its time, the ill-fated Dreamcast saw legendary titles like Power Stone 2, Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, SEGA Bass Fishing, Marvel vs. Capcom, Phantasy Star Online, and the progressive virtual pet video game Seaman — the console had support for online play in 1998 which is quite remarkable when you think about it.

Comprised of nine pieces, the collection has multiple T-shirts, a hoodie and sweatpants combo, a long sleeve tee, and a fleece pullover. Each item sees throwback graphics with either an image of the console, the Dreamcast Swirl logo, or the system’s commercial tagline “It’s Thinking.”

Priced from $36 – $85 USD, the collection can be found now over at Dumbgood.

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