Drew Barrymore Brought To Tears By Surprise Guest For Her Birthday

Drew Barrymore turns 46 next week and we already know she’s getting a surprise: David Letterman.

A preview of Monday’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” birthday bash dropped, revealing a visit from perhaps Barrymore’s favorite talk show host.

There’s lots of history there. She appeared on Letterman’s “The Late Show” show 20 times, “Entertainment Tonight” noted. Once, in 1995, she climbed on his desk and flashed him.

Similar antics from Letterman aren’t likely on Barrymore’s own talk show. But the sneak peek does show the comedian fumbling through a Zoom chat with Barrymore and Savannah Guthrie. He then pretends to give up in frustration and walks onto the set, shocking the host into happy tears.

“I’m so grateful that you came here,” Barrymore says.

Letterman’s last episode as host of “The Late Show” aired in 2015, but he can still bring the funny.

“You know that little trick with the computer, that Zoomer thing? That was my idea,” he said.

Steven Spielberg, Barrymore’s director on “E.T.” and her godfather, also will be in on the birthday celebration.



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