Dave Gettleman might have you fooled

Dave Gettleman has everyone fooled. That includes fans. That includes media members. The Giants general manager doesn’t need the “computer folks” he hired to show him how to turn on his laptop. He has swagger. He’s the smartest guy in the room.

That’s according to Bills general manager Brandon Beane.

“Can’t trust him. Dave’s smart, man. He’s throwing all the curveballs out there,” Beane said on the “Pardon My Take” podcast, referring to Gettleman’s viral home office photo and the criticism he’s received as a past-his-prime dinosaur in this age of advanced technology. “He’s actually pretty tech-savvy. Don’t let him fool you in all seriousness.”

Beane, who worked under Gettleman with the Panthers, seemed serious. He really believes the 69-year-old executive, under fire after two dismal seasons with the Giants, has everyone fooled.

“Dave’s a swaggy guy,” Beane said. “Dave is the only GM that walks around the office in flip flops. I give him props for that. He’s a proud man. He calls his toes his puppies. Dave was a lot of fun to work for and to work with. He’s got his own kind of swag, he really does. Got nothing but good things to say about Dave.”

Maybe he’s buttering up Gettleman for a draft-day trade. Or perhaps Beane will have the chance down the road to remind us what a genius Gettleman is.

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