Coronavirus symptoms: Daughter saves dad’s life after spotting his symptoms – what to spot

The UK now sits in the highest position in Europe according to deaths from coronavirus. The latest official figures revealed more than 32,000 people have died from the virus in a shocking leap. The Office for National Statistics said 29,648 deaths were registered in England and Wales and with the addition of deaths in Scotland and Northern Ireland, this takes the UK’s death toll to 32,313, according to calculations by Reuters.


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Now more than ever, spotting potential warning symptoms in yourself and loved ones is extremely pertinent.

Case and point for student nurse who spotted her dad’s ill health and was able to decipher the COVID-19 link.

Shanice Jones, 25, applied her medical training into practise and gave her dad a full medical assessment to determine the cause for his poor health.

Symptoms spotted by Shanice in her father included low oxygen, crackling lungs, limited breathing and a loss of taste and smell.

Shanice’s dad, Russel Warrington, was then rushed to Warrington Hospital.

He initially “didn’t want to go in “but her medical knowledge and intervention persuaded him otherwise.

Russel was then tested for COVID-19 upon his arrival and as it turned out Shanice was correct in her worries as he tested positive for the deadly virus.

Medics were able to give him oxygen and monitored his symptoms and health.

Thankfully, Russel’s condition was stabilised and began to make a recovery.

He was discharged from the hospital after a week and returned to the family home.

Speaking about her initial assessment on her father, Shanice said: “I did a triage on him and I knew pretty much straight away what it was.

“I could hear it on the lungs.”


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What are the symptoms of COVID-19 in the lungs?

The British Lung Foundation said: “COVID-19 is a disease that affects the lungs and airways.

“The coronavirus infection can cause symptoms like flu and include a new continuous cough, high temperature and feeling short of breath.

“For most people the symptoms are mild, but some will develop severe breathing problems and other complications.”

What the expert said

Respiratory physician John Wilson said: “Almost all serious consequences of COVID-19 feature pneumonia.

“People who catch COVID-19 can be placed into four broad categories.

“The least serious are those people who are sub-clinical and who have the virus but have no symptoms.

“Next are those who get an infection in the upper respiratory tract, which, means a person has a fever and a cough and maybe milder symptoms like headache or conjunctivitis.

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