COMME des GARÇONS Rejoins Mikimoto for Punk Pearl Necklaces

Coming together for the second time after last year’s debut collection, COMME des GARÇONS and Mikimoto are again coming together for a second collection of genderless jewelry. This affair is similar to the first, in that it tweaks Mikimoto’s fine pearl necklaces with signature CdG flair; this time, it’s an assortment of punk standards intermixed with the classy spheres.

Eight different styles are on hand, each gently remixing the general conceit of a pearl necklace. Sure, the shape is essentially untouched, but there are a few new additions. The rear dangling silver tag returns from the first COMME des GARÇONS x Mikimoto collection and the pearls are now joined by a variety of silver accessories sourced from punk culture, a frequent reference point for CdG founder Rei Kawakubo. These include a variety of safety pins and studs, left hanging below the front of each necklace or, in the case of one style, utilizing the pin to connect two sections of glistening pearls.

Visit Dover Street Market’s website to take a closer look and sign up for updates before the necklace collection launches March 5 at select stores including DSMNY’s web store and various COMME des GARÇONS flagships.

The same day, COMME des GARÇONS PLAY will launch its collaborative “PLAY TOGETHER” Nike and Converse apparel.
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