Cleaning hack: Mum uses unlikely item to transform dirty oven

It’s a chore no one really loves doing and one that often gets put off.

But an Aussie mum has come up with a clever solution to make cleaning an oven painless, quick and super easy by using one very unlikely kitchen staple.

Talking to the popular Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, which boasts more than 300,000 members, the mum revealed you just need cling film to help give your oven a shiny finish.

Like many, she admitted to “putting this job off for months” until she came across a hack online.

“[I] got a tip from Instagram to layer Glad Wrap on top of your cleaner so it doesn’t dry out,” she wrote, alongside before and after photos of her oven.

“So clever! Just used Easy Off Bam spray foam, Glad Wrap and left on for a good six hours.”

She said the technique required no scrubbing.

“I removed all my racks as I will do them separately,” she wrote.

“Then put a heavy-duty face mask and long gloves on. Then just spray it all over the oven where you want it.

“It takes a little while but you want a really thick covering of the foam as it comes out.

“Then take pieces of Glad Wrap and press them on to the foam. You want as little air as possible so the cleaner doesn’t dry out.”

She said to then wait a few hours, remove the cling film and fill your sink with hot water and detergent and “get wiping”.

“No scrubbing, just wiping with my Scrub Daddy sponge and then a microfibre [cloth] … took lots of wiping just to clean off all the grime and cleaner.”

The simple hack left many gobsmacked, describing it as the “best and easiest hack ever”.

“That looks amazing. Gotta try that one. Thanks for sharing,” one woman commented.

“I’m impressed, great tip,” another wrote, while a third said: “OMG I’m so doing this. I have one patch in mine I cannot seem to budge.”

Others said it was a job they too had been putting off, but “not anymore”.

“Urgh seriously it’s the worst job. Yours looks SO good – well done!” one person wrote.

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