Chris From ‘The Bachelor’ Spent Three Months In An RV Recording Studio On The Road

Because the Jamie-Ryan-Trevor love triangle ate up a lot of screen time in The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart premiere, there are still several contestants we haven’t learned much about. That includes Chris Watson, who scored a rose from Bri during the first rose ceremony. According to the release for Week 2’s episode, however, we’re about to get to know him a whole lot better: he and Bri will be spending a "music lover’s dream date" at Hollywood’s famed Guitar Center. Here are the basics.

Who Is Chris?

According to his official ABC bio, Chris is 30 years old and currently living in Los Angeles, though he’s originally from Tampa, Florida. Per his website, he developed an interest in music at a very young age, after he attended church with his mother. From there, he joined the school choir, attended piano and drum lessons, and eventually learned how to play the guitar.

Songwriting didn’t come into the picture until college. After Chris analyzed the song "Hip Hop Saved My Life" by Lupe Fiasco for an English assignment, he was inspired to write his first original song later that summer.

What Kind Of Music Does Chris Make?

As a wedding singer, Chris likely knows songs from all kinds of different genres, but his personal career is focused on soul music. His most recent single — an acoustic number called "Call Me" — was released earlier this month.

Chris’ Instagram

Most of Chris’ Instagram posts are, expectedly, about music, which has often taken priority over his love life. Per his ABC bio, he even traveled around the country in an RV-turned-recording-studio with his friends for three months — which doesn’t exactly lend itself to maintaining a relationship. "I had a girlfriend for a minute, but music was still the primary motivation in my life," Chris explained on Listen to Your Heart. "Now I’m trying to work and get that balance of pursuing my music and trying to pursue romantic relationships."

Will he find that connection with Bri? We’ll have to see.

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