Cheeky cat taught itself how to use human toilets by watching owner on the loo

A clever cat has figured out how to PEE in a human toilet after copying his owner.

And according to Audrey Reynolds, her four-year-old sphinx cat Little Guy has been using the loo for the past three years and prefers it to a litter tray.

Audrey, 27, who runs a mobile tanning business said: "I didn't train him how to do it. He just learned himself. I guess from watching me in there.

"One day he actually got on the toilet while I was using it. He's been doing it for about three years. He seems to prefer it to his litter tray. I think he likes to feel fancy and use the toilet."

The pet owner, who lives in California, shared a video of Little Guy casually relieving himself perched precariously on the edge of the toilet bowl, which has left watchers stunned.

But far from being the perfect pet, Audrey says both Little Guy and her other Sphinx cat named Sheldon are cheeky monkeys at heart.

She told how her pets follow her everywhere and she was forced to make her Orange County home secure by putting child locks on her furniture cabinets.

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She added: "They're more like monkeys than cats, they're really smart. They can open doors, drawers, and cabinets and they climb on everything.

"We ended up having to get a child lock on the trash cans because they figured out how to get the lids lifted.

"If I'm cooking I have to put them in their crates because they'll come and take a stick of butter right out of my hand.

"But they are super loving, they want to be next to me all the time. If I shut them out of the room they'll open the door to come be with me."

Best hope owner Ashley doesn't find the awkward reality of queuing for the loo behind her feline friend for a morning pee!

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