Carrie Underwood Wishes Husband Mike Fisher a Happy 40th Birthday In a Special Way

Countrysuperstar Carrie Underwood has been laying low like mostcelebrities during the coronavirus pandemic. The singer has been spendingtime at home with her husband, Mike Fisher, and their two sons, Isaiah andJacob, on the massive farm house they finished building last year.

Fisher just turned 40 in quarantine, and Underwood celebrated with him in the sweetest way (literally).

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Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have been married for nearly 10 years

Underwood and Fisher were introduced through Underwood’s bandmate,who happened to be a good friend of the former hockey player. The two first metbackstage at one of her concerts, and they communicated from a distance forseveral months before meeting up again on New Year’s Eve in 2008.

After the two met for a second time, they instantly hit it off, and they started taking things more seriously. The couple dated for only about a year before Fisher proposed in December 2009. Seven months later, they wed in Georgia and honeymooned in Tahiti.

The two have been through a lot

More than a decade after they met, Underwood and Fisher arestill going strong. The two have welcomed two boys, but they still went throughtheir share of trials and tribulations through the years. They dealt with along distance relationship for nearly their first three years together, untilFisher was traded to the Nashville Predators in 2011. And when it came tohaving kids, the two had a difficult time with their pregnancies.

Underwood and Fisher welcomed their first son, Isaiah, in 2015, and they were overjoyed. But in the years that followed, they went through three miscarriages, and it definitely tested the limits of their faith and wasn’t easy for them to deal with. They have since welcomed their second child, Jacob, and it’s unclear if they’ll have any more kids.

Underwood made her husband’s favorite breakfast dish to celebrate his birthday

Underwood and Fisher have been quarantining in their brand new, custom built farm house that was years in the making. And they have seemed to enjoy their time together judging from the various social media stories the two have posted. On June 5, underwood wished her husband a big happy birthday by baking his favorite dish: crockpot French toast. She posted a video to her Instagram story.

“Happy birthday….40 year old,” Underwood said with a laugh as Fisher ate his French toast. “Won’t be [funny] in three years for me,” she added, lightheartedly. Underwood also posted a Tik Tok of photos of Fisher through the years.

Fisher appears to be enjoying retirement

Fisher initially retired from the NHL in 2017. But in 2018,when the Predators were looking at making another Stanley Cup run, Fisher cameout of retirement to play with the team. After the team was eliminated in thesecond round of playoffs, Fisher announced once more that he was ending hiscareer.

These days, he’s been able to attend plenty more ofUnderwood’s shows and went on tour with her and their kids throughout 2019. Hehas even dabbled in a singing career, too. Underwood and Fisher are seen bycountry fans as “couple goals,” and we’re happy to know theystill have fun in their relationship.

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