Cara Delevingne says she likes to be the man as she opens up about sex life

Cara Delevingne, 28, has recently opened up about some of her deepest insecurities as well as what she likes in the bedroom.

In a daring interview, the world-renowned supermodel revealed her love for male strippers and her lifelong desire to move up a cup size.

The actress and model said she enjoys male strip clubs and recommended one in Toronto because of its full-frontal male nudity.

In one visit to the Magic Mike Show, the bisexual model said: "I was attached to the ropes, flying around in the air, it was so fun."

She added: "It’s an art. I was honestly blown away, just amazed. I got taken up on stage, I was having the best time."

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And while the model and actress is clearly a fan of the male form, she has been open about her own struggles with her gender identity.

"I am a woman, but I like to play the role of a man sometimes," she said.

“That doesn’t mean I identify as anything other than a woman but it’s just understanding that.”

Cara also spoke about reclaiming her orgasm after launching her own collection of sex toys, Lora DiCarlo.

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Cara said: “I’m taking away the stigma of orgasms.

"The big O, hopefully lots of orgasms, not just one.

“It’s really taking pride in my sexual identity, my sexuality and taking pride in my sexual needs as well, to take ownership of my orgasm."

Although the supermodel has been vocal about her bisexuality in the past, she recently revealed she is not so certain of her sexual preference.

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Cara has had a slew of high-profile relationships with men and women, most recently with actress Ashley Benson. The couple dated for three years before reports of their split.

In the interview she said: "The way I define myself changes all the time. It's like pansexual, bisexual, I don't really know."

Although many envy Cara's figure, the A-lister admitted she long hoped to enhance her body with plastic surgery.

Cara said: "Ever since I was a kid I was like, ‘I want to have a boob job'."

She added: "If I have work done, I’ll talk about it. I find it really important for young girls, particularly at the moment, to have someone who would go and have something and then talk about it afterwards.

“It’s as if it’s frowned upon, because it comes from a place of deep insecurity. I’ve got close to thinking about it."

She added: "Luckily in that moment I’ve gone, ‘Well, if I was to do it I don’t think I could be honest about it and then that would be a problem.'"

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