Brothers in hysterics after pulling off scary box prank on unsuspecting sibling

Lockdown has seen families finding more and more inventive ways to keep themselves entertained.

And two brothers took that to extremes by coming up with a cheeky plan to make their sibling jump.

Eldest Kevin Hodgkins, 18, persuaded youngest brother Alex, 4, to hide in a box with a spooky mask on to surprise 6-year-old Harry and captured the whole wind-up on hidden camera.

But now the trio – from Devon – are all jumping for joy after footage of the prank was chosen as one of the £250 voucher winners in our 'memorable imperfect moment' video competition.

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Joker Kevin said: "We thought it would be funny if we pretended we had a delivery and make Alex jump out of the box and scare Harry.

"Harry, at first, jumped and was a little scared but found it very funny. We used the security camera to film it to make it less obvious it was a prank but didn’t realise there would be hardly any sound."

Congratulations to Kevin and family for becoming our fourth and final winners of a £250 spending spree at!

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