Brooke Shields sexiest ever snaps as she turns 56 – bikini babe to lingerie

Brooke Shields appeared on the front cover of Vogue aged just 14 and went on to become one of the most recognisable faces in America.

She became known for her provocative fashion shoots including a controversial Calvin Klein campaign which helped catapult the designer's career.

She continued to model into her late teens and then took on a number of roles in dramas such as The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love.

Brooke is known for her strong, athletic look and still maintains an incredible physique, which she shows off on her Instagram page.

With her long legs and glossy brown hair the star is still as glamorous as ever.

Now, as the actress celebrates her 56th birthday, the Daily Star has taken a look at some of her hottest photos.

Model behaviour

The model and actress sizzled in this scarlet bikini which she wore for a Swimsuits for All campaign when she was 52.

Ageless beauty Brooke told the brand in 2018 that her "'Power Suit' is being in my own skin, showing my body and not hiding it".

And why would you hide it when you look like that?!

Beach body

Any fan can tell that Brooke is a huge fan of the ocean and fitness.

Her social media is full of photos of the star frolicking in the waves, surfing or showing off the modelling poses she knows so well.

This blue bandeau bikini perfectly compliments the sea and sky behind her and shows off her killer abs.

Sexy and sultry

This beautiful image was taken by Brooke's friend and fellow supermodel Helena Christensen.

The use of black and white only accentuates the mum of two's long legs which have made her so iconic.

But in February tragedy struck as she broke her femur during a gym workout and had to have pins put in her leg.

Speaking about the incident on Good Morning America, she shared: "I flew up in the air with such force, and I landed so heavy and so hard and with such musculature and such velocity and such height.

"The only thing I could keep saying was that I could feel my toes because I just knew that I couldn’t move, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t paralysed."

A classic beauty

Brooke's flawless skin proves that healthy living and exercise do pay off.

Fans can follow her beauty regimes on her social media where she shares images of face masks and self-care rituals.

Her enduring bone structure and sparkling eyes mean she's still sought after for high profile beauty campaigns.

Brooke previously told W magazine that her beauty secrets include: "Water, water, water, sleep, greens. And love."

Stage star

Brooke played Sally Bowles in a Broadway revival of Cabaret in 2001.

Known for her racy roles on TV and in film, the actress performed the musical at Studio 54 in New York.

Brooke had visited the famous club when she was young, even spending time with artist Andy Warhol.

The iconic role saw her rock sheer lingerie and stockings and suspenders, as she channeled her inner vamp.

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