Barber offers to cut hair BEFORE lockdown restrictions end

Barber’s offer to cut clients’ hair at their homes during lockdown sparks a furious reaction – as critics tell him ‘people could die’ and threaten to report him to the police

  • A barber has been blasted for offering to cut client’s hair during lockdown
  • Mousa Qais who lives in London, posted his services on a Facebook group 
  • Many responses argued it’s not possible to social distance while doing hair 

A man who has offered to use his barbering skills during lockdown, has sparked a debate about flouting government guidelines.

Mousa Qais who lives in London, offered to cut client’s hair from the comfort of their homes in a post on the Facebook group Spotted: Luton.

Sharing his phone number, Mousa wrote:  Hi everyone, I hope everyone is keeping well. I am a professional barber that is willing to come to you during these tough and testing times. Please contact me on 07 *********. Thank you Mousa’

Responses were torn, but many agreed it was risky for him to post the services at a time when the government have advised against reopening hair salons.  

Mousa Qais (pictured) who lives in London, sparked a heated debate after posting his barbering services on Facebook

Mousa shared his phone number on a Facebook group in the hopes of finding clients, despite lockdown restrictions advising against the reopening of hair salons 

Trading standards have begun investigating hairdressers who are secretly offering cuts and styling in lockdown, after it was revealed that a number of professionals were using Gumtree to advertise their services.

It is estimated that hair salons will be among the last businesses to reopen, because of the difficulties in performing the dask while abiding by social distancing measures. 

Many people warned Mousa that his post on Facebook would see him receive a fine and threatened to report him to the police.

One person wrote: ‘No way! Salons are forced to shut. No visitors to your home! How or why do you think you are permitted to do this? You will get fined and more importantly could potentially spread the virus and someone could die!

‘Keep yourself, your family, your friends, your clients SAFE please, please, please and total strangers too! The more it is contained, the sooner it will die off and the quicker we can all get back to doing what we want.’ 

Mousa (pictured) wrote that he’s willing to come to clients during these ‘tough and testing times’, alongside his phone number

A stream of responses to the post argued Mousa shouldn’t be offering to cut people’s hair in their homes during lockdown 

Another said: ‘I wouldn’t if I were you. You will get fined for one and are you not worried about your health and safety and the health and safety of others surely. Please stay safe and don’t give fellow hairdressers a bad name.’

A third added: ‘Hairdressers are closed until at least July for a reason. You cannot social distance and cut hair. Perhaps Bedfordshire Police might want to checkout your hairdressing skills?’

However others argued that barbers should be allowed to offer their services if PPE is worn. 

‘To be honest, while the weather is nice it can be in the garden as well.. everyone’s got to try and earn what they can, as long as protection is worn then why not,’ one person wrote.

Asking if Mousa would be willing to travel, another wrote: ‘Do you travel to Stevenage’  

A third said: ‘Everybody needs a haircut it’s ok for cleaners to go back to work in your homes and stand next to strangers in shops, but a guy in a face mask shouldn’t cut your hair.’

Others said if PPE is worn it shouldn’t be a problem for hair specialists to offer their services, despite the government’s lockdown guidelines 

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