Baffling illusion showing ‘dog’ being vacuumed up gives viewers ‘heart attacks’

A dog owner has left viewers freaked out after filming herself vacuuming up her "pet".

TikTok user @chycollier posted a mind-boggling video showing her daily chores at home, which has since been seen more than 2 million times.

In the clip, she turns on the vacuum and starts running the hose on the floor in the kitchen area.

As she moves towards the cabinets, it appears that her "Schnauzer" is resting. But when she puts the vacuum cleaner over it, the "animal" is sucked up into the machine.

The owner joked: "Oops."

Thankfully it is all a prank and she made the dog fur into the shape of her pet.

And to clarify things, she made a disclaimer saying: "No animals were harmed in the making of this video."

The brilliant optical illusion shocked viewers as many commented they almost had a heart attack, after it was posted just hours ago.

"I thought it was a real dog!" one cried.

Another said: "That was the most realistic dog of hair I have ever seen."

A third wrote: "I think I just had a heart attack."

This came after a video showing a German shepherd seemingly walks through a wall for a split second.

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The trick made the pooch disappeared as if it is a magical trick you'd see at King's Cross Platform 9 3/4.

Another bizarre optical illusion left viewers freaked out when they saw a cat with a "floating head" in a bucket.

In the viral picture on Reddit, it looked like a cat had been decapitated and its head placed in a bucket.

But the truth was that there were two felines in the picture, with one hiding its head and the other hiding its body.

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