‘Asparagus reader’ predicts Trump will be re-elected — then get impeached again

Some people read the stars, others read tea leaves — but one woman in Bath, England, reads asparagus spears.

Jemima Packington is a self-described “asparamancer” who casts asparagus on the ground and makes predictions from the patterns they make.

Among her forecasts: Donald Trump will win re-election in November — but will also be re-impeached and “booted out of office”; a smooth Brexit, more royal babies, and a royal death.

And, apparently, May is set to be a good month for England.

While appearing on Britain’s ITV “This Morning” show, Packington tossed some spears and noted: “The May prediction shows a letter V and a letter E which shows we will have a double celebration during the upcoming bank holiday. … The little budlets that you see on the background indicate refreshments of the alcoholic variety — so we are all going to have a jolly good time. Also, the spears coming forward indicate there is really great, good news on the way for us all this month.”

According to SommersetLive, Packington’s predictions have been eerily accurate in the past, correctly predicting Brexit and an England Cricket World Cup win.

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