Antarctica mystery as two identical metallic UFOs spotted emerging from snow

A conspiracy theorist has spotted two identical metallic UFOs "twice the size of an F-16 jet" resting on the snow in the Antarctica mountains.

Graham, who often posts UFO phenomena on social media, said the two oval discs appeared "out of place" near the Churchill Mountains, which are full of jagged rocks.

Sharing his Google Earth findings on his channel Conspiracy Depot, he zooms in and reveals how similar the two objects are both in shape and size.

The truth-seeker says: "I found two identically sized oval or circular shaped objects just sitting on the snow.

"These objects are located close to the Churchill Mountains and I don't think they've been there that long due to the absence of snow covering the object.

"The objects have a smooth, metallic look to them with well-formed, almost machine edges."

The so-called saucers are barely visible in the snow as they are found near the rocks.

Graham estimated the size of the object to be approximately 97 feet long, which is twice as long as an F-16 fighter jet (49ft).

"What drew me to these objects is how out of place it look compared to the surrounding environment they're located in and everything else seemed to be just jagged rocks," he added.

He also told Daily Star: "This is truly strange as the objects are identical sized, saucer shaped and unlike anything in the surrounding environment.

"They clearly haven't been there that long due to the absence of snow cover on the objects."

It is not the first time UFO hunters have shared conspiracy theories of Antarctica being an alien base or home to mysterious giants.

One conspiracist was convinced that he had found an underground tunnel opening after spotting "air vents with domes".

Another Google Earth user found a mountain bearing a similarity to face, believing it could be "something that was left behind by the ancient civilisations of Antarctica”.

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