Amazon Shoppers Call This Cooling Mattress Pad a 'Miracle' – and Prices Start at Just $30

When summer nights are nearly as hot as summer days, it can be a struggle to fall asleep — even with the air conditioning blasting. In addition to cooling bed sheets, you should consider testing out a cooling mattress pad, and one that happens to be super fluffy is also quite popular with Amazon shoppers right now.

The Sleep Zone Premium Mattress Pad Cooling Topper has seen a sharp uptick in sales in the past 24 hours, according to the Amazon Movers & Shakers list. The plush mattress pad uses patented moisture-wicking materials to regulate your body temperature and pull away heat. This not only leaves you cooler, but also helps you fall asleep. Along with cooling elements, the topper has thick microfibers that feel as fluffy and soft as goose feathers dispersed throughout its supportive cloud-shaped quilting.

Plus, it won't shift or move during the night thanks to 21-inch pockets that can stretch over most mattresses. Sizes range from twin to California king, and prices start at just $30.       

Buy It! Sleep Zone Premium Mattress Pad Cooling Topper, from $29.99;

Nearly 6,000 shoppers adore this cooling mattress pad, leaving it a five-star rating. Many reviewers note that it's "very thick and comfy," and one calls it the "perfect solution to avoid hot flashes." Plus, plenty of users enthuse that they're finally able to "stay cool all night" — and pain-free, too.

"I have the absolute perfect bed," one five-star reviewer shares. "But when I became pregnant, I was waking up with the same severe hip pain that I had before I got my amazing mattress. So I thought I'd try adding this cover to it and I haven't had even a little hip pain since the first night I slept on this. It's my miracle."

"I thought the 'cooling' aspect was going to be hype," another shopper says. "But wow! It actually keeps us cooler. I was joking with my spouse that I was giving him the 'gift of sleep' for his birthday. I bought this topper, new sheets, new cooling blanket, and duvet. I did not lie. We've been sleeping like babies since November. He's a furnace. The dog is a furnace. Then I end up burning up. Not anymore."

Head to Amazon and buy the Sleep Zone Premium Mattress Pad Cooling Topper for as little as $29.99. 

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