Aliens on Mars? UFO hunter’s bizarre discovery in NASA pics – ‘Could be alive’

The UFO hunter, who believes aliens frequently visit Earth, claims to have found evidence of alien life in NASA rover pictures. Mr Waring is one of many alien enthusiasts who scour NASA’s pictures of Mars for supposed evidence of alien life hiding in plain sight. In a post on his ETDatabase blog, Mr Waring claims to have found some sort of Martian statue.

The UFO hunter said: “I found this strange sculpture on Mars today, at least I think its a sculpture, it very well could be alive.

“But photos only tell us a little bit about things on Mars, we need video to verify movement.

“Also the fact that there is no trail in the dirt around it would seem to verify that it’s a statue.”

The NASA picture posted on Mr Waring’s blog appears to show an oddly-shaped rock formation sticking out of the ground.


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Mr Waring said: “The object I found seems to resemble an elephant sitting down, but has a short trunk.

“This statue is about half a metre or the size of a medium dog.

“Of course, there is the possibility its a fossil, that it’s an animal that died in that location and position and it was buried, minerals replaced it, and then sands blew away revealing it again.”

Despite the bizarre claims, there is no evidence to show life on Mars has ever existed.

Scientists believe the Red Planet once resembled a young Earth with a humid and dense atmosphere and vast oceans.

In these conditions, simple microbial life may have developed and there is some hope it could still exist in the planet’s rock.

I think its a sculpture, it very well could be alive

But there is no sign of aliens living on the surface today, and there is no evidence of ancient civilisations once thriving on Mars.

NASA said: “Even if there were no life on Mars, it would be exciting to know whether there used to be life there.

“So in addition to looking for living bacteria, NASA will be searching for tiny fossils that might indicate life got a start early in Mars’ history but, unlike on our home planet, it did not survive and evolve into larger life forms.

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“Many of the studies of Mars will involve robots, like the ones that have gone there before, but getting more advanced with each flight.

“Someday a spacecraft may pick up samples from Mars and bring them back to Earth where they can be studied in our best laboratories.”

Scientists do, however, have an explanation for why so many conspiracy theorists claim to discover aliens and alien statues on the Moon and Mars.

The peculiar effect of pareidolia, which causes people to see shapes and patterns where they do not exist, is to blame.

Astronomer Larry Sessions told “Seeing recognizable objects or patterns in otherwise random or unrelated objects or patterns is called pareidolia.

“It’s a form of apophenia, which is a more general term for the human tendency to seek patterns in random information.

“Everyone experiences it from time to time.

“Seeing the famous man in the moon is a classic example from astronomy.”

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