Adult star red-faced as fans recognise her intimate tattoo while sunbathing

A world-famous porn star gets recognised by fans at the beach because of her distinctive tattoo, she has claimed.

Tori Black is an American adult actress, winning multiple industry awards for her work. More recently, she has also begun to sell racy videos and images on popular subscription site OnlyFans.

On her hip bone just below her stomach, the model has a distinctive five-pointed star, and now, she has claimed that this leads to her getting awkwardly recognised by fans.

Speaking on the Backdoor Convos podcast, she explained: “I will be laying on the beach, and randomly someone will come up and say, ‘I know who you are’.

“And I’m like, ‘hi, this is not weird, I’m just laying up on the beach with my dog. Can I read my book now?’

“I have lied like a dog and said, ‘I don’t even know who you’re talking about’. And they’re like, ‘you have the tattoo’.

“I’m on a beach, can’t hide; Everyone knows this tattoo. That’s like, ‘the tattoo’.”

Tori accepted that this issue could possibly be avoided if she covered up more while relaxing, but stressed that this wasn’t an acceptable compromise.

“But if I wore high-waisted bikini bottoms then I would mess up my tan lines, and I can’t do that,” she laughed.

Thankfully, Tori explained that awkward fan interactions are generally quite rare, but acknowledged that she does worry about the professionalism of service workers who realise that they are delivering food to a porn star.

“Especially if you have my address or my phone number… I haven’t had anybody do anything crazy," she added.

“I did have a delivery guy text me. I texted him, ‘thank you’ when he delivered food at my door, and he was like, ‘just want to say thanks for your service’. So it was a little weird, but it was like one line and done.”

“But I’ve definitely heard some horror stories, people don’t understand boundaries at all.”

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