5SOS's 'Wildflower' Video Is A Psychedelic Dream Co-Starring Luke's Dog

5 Seconds of Summer’s “Wildflower” is a sunny slice of psychedelic pop that warrants an equally vibrant video; ideally, one set outside in a field of blossoms. Of course, that’s not really a possibility amid the global coronavirus pandemic, so 5SOS did the next best thing: they brought their colorful, kaleidoscopic vision to life from inside their own homes.

For the “Wildflower” video, which arrived on Thursday (April 16), each of the band members filmed themselves in front of a green screen that was passed from home to home (and which, they noted, was disinfected after each use). Then, director Andy DeLuca and assistant director Sarah Eiseman filled the footage with charming animations and lo-fi effects; we see little plants sprout up from Calum Hood’s bass and a waterfall pouring out of Ashton Irwin’s armpit. Luke Hemmings’s dog Petunia makes a couple cute cameos, and Michael Clifford gives us an LOL-worthy moment when the green screen abruptly crashes behind him. It’s all tied together with a cool, colorful aesthetic and scenes that depict the Aussie rockers’ quirks and personalities.

It’s a wildly creative video, and one that manages to conjure an extraordinary feeling of togetherness, all things considered. Check it out below.

“Wildflower,” which features lead vocals from Hood, appears on the band’s recently released fourth album, CALM. Their Youngblood follow-up also features the singles “Teeth,” “Easier,” “Old Me,” and “No Shame.”

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