Zara McDermott shares cryptic message about love as emotional Sam Thompson split airs

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Zara McDermott has posted a thought-provoking quote as scenes of her and Sam Thompson’s break up aired.

The 23 year old shared the emotional message on her Instagram story as Made in Chelsea scenes showed the split between her and Sam, 28, after she explained why she hid the cheating scandal from him for a year.

The quote Zara posted, which could hint at her hopes to reconcile with Sam someday, read: “Love wins, love always wins.”

It comes as Zara tearfully begged for Sam to give their romance another try but he decided he couldn’t continue their relationship in emotional scenes, which aired on Monday 19 October, after it was revealed Zara cheated on Sam during her time on The X Factor: Celebrity.

  • Zara McDermott begs Sam Thompson for forgiveness as her cheating in exposed in Made In Chelsea scenes

  • Zara McDermott shares emotional tribute to Sam Thompson after admitting to cheating on him

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As the former flames met in a park to talk things through, Zara begged for Sam’s forgiveness as she said: “I know that we have built such a bond over the last year, with everything that’s happened.

“And I know that this has been bubbling away in my mind for so long. Like, trying to ind the right opportunity to say something like that is like… there’s just no way I… I couldn’t do it.

“And it’s not because I didn’t have respect for you.”

Sam was unconvinced as he responded with: “You can’t say that after you’ve… Zara, look, I’m the first person to hold my hands up and say: ‘Look, I’ve done some f**ked up s**t’ for sure. But I’ve never done anything like that.

“The seediness of consistently s**ging while you’re calling me to tell me that you can’t come home when the rest of your band are at home in bed with their other halves.”

Zara broke down and insisted: “It wasn’t like that” as Sam continued: “So they all leave the studio and to enjoy that and make that last. I can’t. It’s not the person I know at all.”

Love Island star Zara then tearfully said: “It’s not the person I know, either.”

Sam said: “You have that in you,” to which Zara hit back: “I don’t!”

MIC star Sam insisted: “You do, Zara. That’s not just something that comes out of nowhere.”

Blonde beauty Zara explained: “I’m sorry, I have no justification for anything. The way that I’ve behaved, the way I’ve acted, the things I’ve done – it’s disgusting, just absolutely disgusting and I hate myself so much.”

Sam then revealed he had made his mind up as he said: “Look, this is the thing, Zara, I can’t…

“I can’t believe anything you’re saying because it’s taken this long to even get here. And you cannot have a relationship like that. I promised, I promised myself I would never be that guy who asked to look at someone’s phone, who asked where they were when the come home at 10pm, ‘Who are you with’ and I will never not trust myself.

“You are so good at lying and that is where it will go and that is why I cannot be with you.”

The Love Island star pleaded: “I wanna work through this with you.”

Louise Thompson’s brother then asked: “How can you work through something? You didn’t even f**king feel the guilt until you got caught. You were still liking his photos, you didn’t feel the guilt, there was no guilt when I was sat next to you in my bed going: ‘You’ll have that one.’ There’s no guilt!”

Zara insisted: “There is!” To which Sam hit back with: “There’s guilt now because you’ve been caught.”

She then explained: “I didn’t know how to tell you, how could I do that to you? How could I break you like that?”

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Sam replied: “Because you should have respect for someone you say you love and be like: ‘Do you know what I can’t f**king do this’.”

To which Zara pleaded: “I just want you to forgive me.” To which Sam concluded: “I just absolutely no way, because how can there ever be a way? I can’t even trust this.”

As she broke down in tears even more Zara said: “No, don’t! Please stop, please!”

“For me I can’t do it,” Sam said as Zara continued to beg him but he insisted: “I think I just need to figure out whether I can do this. I can’t be around at the moment. I need to go figure my head out. I just need space.”

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