Yankees Fans Pummel Each Other In Wild Sidewalk Brawl After Game

Yankees Fans Pummel Each Other In Wild Sidewalk Brawl After Game

Turns out, not every Yankee fan was in a good mood following the Bronx Bombers’ thrilling walk-off win on Tuesday … ’cause several Pinstripes supporters were seen getting into a brawl on a New York sidewalk following the victory — and it was wild!!

According to a witness who posted video of the skirmish on Twitter … the altercation happened after the combatants initially began arguing inside Billy’s Sports Bar — a popular watering hole located just feet from Yankee Stadium.

The social media user said despite Anthony Volpe‘s clutch, 9th-inning sacrifice fly that gave the Yanks a 6-5 win over the Orioles … the argument escalated into a full-on fight outside of the restaurant.

You can see in the footage, two men clad in Yankees jerseys jumped on top of each other on the sidewalk … and began wrestling. Not long after, fists started to fly.

Another man jumped into the scene in an apparent attempt to break things up — which only enraged a woman nearby.

The video shows the woman threw a few punches of her own … before, thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.

It’s unclear if any arrests were made — we’ve reached out to authorities, but so far, no word back yet.

The Yankees, meanwhile, will play the Orioles again Wednesday night … here’s to hoping everyone behaves this go-around.

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